Posted: June 25, 2009 by kylejackson10 in CRAZY LOVE

What if someone told you to “stop praying?” Solomon warns us not to rush into words with God, that is what fools do. Is this not what we so often do. When we need something or want something we are so quick to pray. Instead, Francis Chan tells us to “stop talking at God and take a long hard look at him before you speak another word.” We are slow to listen and quick to speak and even quicker to become angry. Fearing God is really unheard of. Sure we say, “Yea, I fear God.” Do you? Can you really look someone in they eye and tell them what it means to fear God?

In Chapter One “Crazy Love” talks about the creativity and diversity of God. Romans 1:20 says…”through creation we see his invisible qualities and his divine nature…” Why would God create more than 350,000,000,000 galaxies? Why are there over 3,000 different species of trees within 1 square mile of the Amazon Forrest? Why do all my friends have different faces and different laughs? Stop and think about all your friends and how you can know who you were talking to on the phone if they just laughed right when they called you. My wife has like 10 different laughs…but I know it is her every time! Coral plants can die if the water is 1 or 2 degrees off. How can plants defy gravity by drawing water upward from the ground into their veins and stems?Why do plants take in something dangerous to us (carbon dioxide) and produce the one thing we need to live (oxygen)? I know you know some of this but have you ever really looked at it and let it “WOW” you?

Francis Chan says, “Men are never duly touched and impressed with a conviction of their insignificance, until they have contrasted themselves with the majesty of God.” God’s Diversity, Creativity and Sophistication for our universe, earth and even our own body is all for his glory! This is why we are called to worship him, there is no one else like him. God will not be tolerated. He instructs us to worship and fear him.

It confuses us when loving God is so hard. Shouldn’t it be easy to Love a God that is so wonderful? I think we have to consistently and intentionally remind ourselves about him. We do not get to decide who God is. He says in Exodus 3:14, “I am who I am.” When we say god is “Holy” do we even know what that means? Holy means to be set apart distinct from us. Because God is Holy and set apart from us we will never be able to grasp all of who he is. When the Jews say something 3 times it means perfection. Listen to the song, “revelation song” by Kari Jobe. In the song it says, “HOLY, HOLY, HOLY is our Lord God almighty….” That is saying our God is perfectly set apart and nothing and no one can compare to Him. That is what it means to be “HOLY.” Our words cannot contain him. It is so cool to know we worship a God that we can not over exaggerate!

Chapter 1 goes on to talk about why God allows things to happen. That “all things were created by him and for him,” that he does not have to know you but he chooses to. As much as we want God to explain himself to us, His creation, we are in no place to demand that he give an account to us. (Read Daniel 4:35 for Biblical reference). The question for us is Can we worship a God who isn’t obligated to explain his actions to us? Maybe it is our own arrogance that we need to get out of the way. God owes no one an explanation. 

Chapter 1 finishes by talking about God being fair and just. “Crazy Love” says that God hates sin and will punish those guilty of sin. Maybe that is not an appealing standard to you. Francis Chan says, “when you create your own universe you can come up with your own standards.” If you disagree maybe you need to assume that it is not God’s reasoning that needs to be corrected. Proverbs 8:13 says, “I hate pride and arrogance..” 

I know that was a lot. Those are all phrases or sentences that I highlighted in Chapter 1 that caught my eye. Have you ever really sat back and looked at all the things that God created? I mean it is amazing if you really take some time and look at the diversity and creativity of God. He has made so many things the way they are to show us how awesome he is. There is only 1 liquid on the earth that we need to survive….think about it….”WATER.” I know you thought of that quickly (I hope). God is so creative that there is only 1 liquid on earth that has no distinct taste….WATER. So the only liquid we need God gave no taste so we do not have to like or dislike it! I hate root beer. If that is what we had to have to survive I would have died a long time ago!! 

My challenge to you is to start being aware this week of the things you are surrounded with that God has so perfectly created. If we are going to try to live a life that is as close to how Jesus lived his we have to fear God and we have to fall in love with him. I have added the “awe factor” video that Francis Chan ask you to watch in Chapter 1 on the side of my page.. Tell me what you think about our amazing God after that video!

Have a great day!  -Kyle

  1. Perkins says:

    KJ. This was awesome. I loved it. There were sooo many great things to think about that we so often forget about. Thanks buddy…

  2. Adam Bolin says:


    Thanks for sharing. Something else that will rock your world is louie giglio’s sermons on Indescribable and How Great is Our God (both on Youtube in parts).

    God is AWESOME!!!

  3. Rob says:


    After reading the first chapter of Crazy Love, it makes you want to stop and think about the beauty of God and savor His characteristics for who is. So many times, we find ourselves rushing through mediocrity forgetting to enjoy the blessings He has given us. It is not just the blessings of a job, wife/girfriend, being able to compete in sports, or having a church family, but the small blessings in life of just being able to wake up and declare God’s glory. The challenge itself lies in recognizing those blessings and very fabric of what true worship is. This brings us back to the point of what is the purpose of man’s existence? The purpose of man’s existence is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever. Let us not forget that we have fallen in love with something that we can’t contain or put in a box, but must reign supreme in our lives.

    In Christ,

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