CHAPTER 3 of Crazy Love…”Crazy Love”

Posted: June 30, 2009 by kylejackson10 in CRAZY LOVE

This chapter to me was an interesting one being that the title chapter is also the title of the book itself…”crazy love.” The next 2 chapters in this book is where God started to really stand out to me. These were the 1st chapters to really grab my attention. 

Are you really in Love with God or are you just in love with God’s stuff? You see as children we were raised in Bible school singing “Jesus loves me this I know….for the Bible tells me so.” I believed this for years because “the Bible tells me so.” The only problem is that this was a concept I was taught not one that I implicitly knew to be true. Francis Chan says that not understanding God’s true Love for us can have much to do with the relationship with our own father. Some of us have grown up not being wanted by our father. Some have never carried on a meaningful conversation with our dad. There was never any physical touch or Love from our father, a hand on the shoulder or a hug. So the goal for some of us might have been not to annoy our father with little things. We did not go to him and ask advice or go to him when we were upset. This can easily translate over to your relationship with God. How can you trust a heavenly father that you can not see or touch?

Francis Chan says that he had this type of relationship with his father. His relationship with God made a turn when he became a father himself. I personally do not have kids yet but from what I gather from people my age and the parents of friends of mine growing up is that there is nothing like the Love you have as a mother or father than that of your kids. You think about your kids often, you show their picture to everyone…twice a day, you can not wait to get home so you can see them run up the driveway and jump in your arms. Chan says, “for the 1st time I got a taste of what God feels toward us.” “There is nothing that compares to being truly, exuberantly wanted by your children.” He goes on to say,”I am a sinful, earthly father that loves my kids so much it hurts. How could I not trust a perfect heavenly father who loves me infinitely more than we can ever love our own kids?”

Jesus did not command that we have a regular time with him everyday. Rather he tells us to “love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul and mind.” God called this the 1st and greatest commandment. When we really Love God, we naturally run to him- frequently and zealously. The results are intimate prayer and study of his word. Our motivation to spend time with him turns from guilt to love. Chan says, “my belief in God’s love was still theoretical, not a reality I lived out or experienced.”

God says that “I knew you before you existed.” He also says in Ephesians 2:10, “you are created to do good works, Which I have prepared for you in advance.” God will ensure yours and my success in accordance with his plan, not ours. My generation has gotten to a point where we are lazy but yet we still want everything and we want it now and not later. (read the sentence before that one again). If you sow the seed and stay faithful to God, your time will come to reap the harvest!

“Crazy Love” says in Chapter 3 that we are God’s “glorious inheritance.” The irony is that while God does not need us he still wants us, we desperately need God but do not really want him most of the time.

Chan was asked by a student one time in a class he was teaching, “Why would a loving God force me to Love him?” He asked the student to clarify himself and the student responded by saying, “God threatens us with hell and punishment if I do not have a relationship with him.” (That would be a fun one to answer huh?) Chan thought to himself that the easy answer would be that God does not force us to love him; it is our choice. But there was a deeper issue going on and Chan asked the student if he could sleep on it and answer him next class. Chan came back and responded saying, “If God is truly the greatest good on this earth, would he be loving us if he did not draw us toward what is best for us, even if it happens to be Himself? Doesn’t his courting, luring, pushing, calling, and even his “threatening” demonstrate his Love? If he did not do all of that, wouldn’t we accuse him of being unloving in the end, when all things are revealed?” 

If someone were to ask you what the greatest good on Earth was, what would you say? Financial security, a loving marriage relationship, health, trusting friendships, Intimacy, an Auburn football National Championship (that would be a close 2nd)? The greatest good on Earth is GOD! Period!!

I have way to many opinions so I will try and keep this brief. I was born and baptized in a Baptist church, grew up in the Methodist Church, went to a Church of Christ High School, spent 3 years playing college baseball at a Church of Christ college, 1 year playing at a Nazarene college, 2 years coaching at a Church of God college and now attend a non-denominational Church! You might stop reading this blog after reading that, cause you probably think I am way to screwed up in the head. Thats just it. I was screwed up in the head for a while. “Do you have to be baptized at birth”, “should there be instruments in worship”, “why are people raising their hands in church”, “are we pre-tribulation or post-tribulation church,” (my pastor put it the best way saying we are a pan-tribulation…we believe all that stuff will pan out in the end.) I was so confused in my head that I forgot what God says are his 2 greatest commandments. 1.) Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, and mind. 2.) Love your neighbor as yourself. We have gone away from what God has commanded us to do. That is to have a intimate, “crazy love” relationship with Jesus Christ and to go out and tell people about Him. Some of you reading this might not like that I skipped all the theoretical stuff. I know and believe there is a lot of good there. I just want to challenge you to put all of that to the side for a minute and concentrate on your own relationship with God. Because if that is not where it should be then all the other stuff will not matter in the end. I hope this challenged you like it did me!

I added a song by Kari Jobe at the top of the page called “You are for me.” I think it sums up what Francis Chan is trying to say in this chapter. Really listen to the words! Have a great day!

– Kyle

  1. Trey says:

    Kyle I absolutely love your blog on ch. 3! The line about going back to the basics 1: Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, and mind nad 2. Love your neighbor as yourself. This is so true because I know that all too often i get wrapped up the the goings on of the minute things and miss the big picture. great blog and I look forward to reading more

  2. Alexis:) says:

    Fantastic job Coach:) you’ve really opened my eyes to a whole new perspective on how I’m supposed to live as a Christian and just how important being in a truly intimate relationship with God is. I always focused on being as “good” as I could be when instead I really should have been paying attention to the basics, the ones that mean the most.
    I look forward to chapter 4:)

  3. Rob says:

    Chapter 3 is titled Crazy Love and it is so ironic that it is called that. Isn’t it crazy that a perfect, all-powerful, holy being can love a fallen, self-righteous sinner like myself. I find it so amazing that I can be shown so much mercy and grace through the cross of Christ. But you know through the cross, mercy is experience and grace is first met. The reason that we can experience mercy and encounter grace is because of the love of God. John 3:16 says for God so loved the world, that He gave HIs only be-gotten son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life. In the first part of John 3:16, we are able to digest God’s love for us, but there is no way to really comprehend that love. Sure, parents can relate to their children, but for a single man or a young married couple that do not have children it is hard to understand. So in trying to relate this type of love is almost the same type of love that we show for something we are most passionate about, whether it be our wives, girlfriends, student ministry, etc.

    But one of the questions that still lingers is how can a holy God still pursue us so intensely? Isn’t that crazy? The God who holds the universe in the breadth of His hand pursues us as humans. To give you a little perspective on the greatness of God and the smallness of us as His prize creation is one I have used in talking to youth groups. God measurement system is not the ruler, yard stick, the foot, or even a mile. God uses the light year. 1 light year is 9.4605284 × (10 to the 15th power) meters. From our planet to the whirlpool galaxy (M51) is 30 million light years. What that means, is that it will take a long time to get from earth to the Whirlpool Galaxy. And just thing, God holds this entire universe in the palm of His hand. But yet, He has made us in His image to reflect Him. Genesis 1:27 states So God created man in his own image in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.” God created us to bring glory back to Him and thus we are commanded to love the Lord our God with all our heart, soul, and strength and to Love our neighbor as ourselves.

    Ain’t it crazy how much God loves us, but at the same time, it isn’t. God has always loved us despite our short comings and desires to express that love to us as the prized centerpiece of His Creation. God showed that love to us, by sending His son, to live a perfect life, die a sinners death, and raise again on the 3rd day. And the reason He did that was to redeem His prize creation from its own shortcomings. Like I said from the beginning, grace and mercy meet at the cross, which is the only place of absolute truth. Only after we accept this truth, can we look at God for who truly is, as our Heavenly Father and someone that loves us SO much and not just the judge who condemns our life on Earth.

    Press on my brother,


  4. Beth Thompson says:

    This chapter really touched me at the very core of my being.
    This past winter I, along with two of my dear friends, were given the opportunity to be baptized in the Sea of Galilee. At the last minute, I backed out because I felt unworthy of being washed clean of all my baggage. I wasn’t ready for such a commitment. My two friends were baptized and it was truly one of the most meaningful moments in our lives. Afterwards, there was no pride or arrogance on anyone’s part for being baptized in such a significant place or being strong enough when I clearly was not. Quite the contrary.

    The strong arm of a true friend wrapped around my shoulders, the smile plastered across his face comforted me, and he said, “I just want to encourage you. Just because you weren’t baptized doesn’t mean you’re going to hell. Being baptized is not one of God’s laws.”

    What? Are you serious? You mean confessing my sins, accepting Christ, and having a real relationship, a loving relationship with God and others is what I was created for?

    Crazy Love came a few months later and truly changed my life. No longer do I feel unworthy or like the task list for heaven is impossible. Rather I believe God created me for his pleasure and love. If I focus on an eternal afterlife with God my faith tells me the right steps will be taken, the right lives will be touched, and the right doors will be opened.

    Keep on writing, Kyle!

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