Posted: March 12, 2010 by kylejackson10 in FCA LEE COUNTY

This week was my 1st official week with Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA). I am still working through the details of my full time job that I have in Fort Myers as I take on FCA in Fort Myers and Cape Coral part time. What an amazing 1st week!

Monday I swung by Cypress High School in the morning where I met with their head football coach Mike Thorton who is doing a phenominal job in just his 1st year at the High School! We have set up a regular meeting time with his football team where twice a month He is going allow FCA to bring in speakers for his football team! Mike and his wife Jessica (vollyball coach at Cypress) just moved from Tampa a year ago and are really plugging into the Cypress family. They will be attending the anual FCA banquet March 18th in Bonita!

After meeting with Coach Thorton I swung by to see our FCA huddle leader at Cypress, Rick Beckler! Coach Beckler is the rock behind FCA at Cypress High. He has been our huddle leader for several years there now and has regular meetings with the FCA at Cypress! Rick and his wife will be attending the FCA banquet as well! Thursday afternoon his FCA group had a prayer walk meeting after school where students walked and prayed for Cypress High! John Moran and his wife came into speak to the group on the vison of getting God back into the schools! Jeff Leatherman, youth pastor at 1st Assembly in Fort Myers and Will Hutcherson, youth pastor at Next Level Church in Ft Myers have attended Cypress Highs’ FCA over the last month and are excited about getting involved! Charlie Mitchell will be speaking to the football team this upcoming Monday.

Lehigh High School was my next stop where I got the opportunity to meet with Coach Pete (head football coach) for LHS. He is doing an awesome job at Lehigh! We talked about upcoming events and some really cool ideas he wants to implement before the end of the year! After meeting with Coach Pete I met with Coach Anderson (Head Baseball Coach) and Coach Nick (Asst. football and baseball)! Incredible guys!

Later in the week I got the opprtunity to meet with Southwest Florida Christian Academy’s Athletic Director Bill Catto. Bill was very excited about the opportunity to start an FCA at SFCA. We are looking to have our 1st meeting at the end of March during lunch! Ben Flemming, youth pastor at McGregor Church in Ft Myers is already killing it for FCA at Ft Myers High and is willing to help get things started at SFCA!

I have several meeting next week with more schools and I am truly amazed at the doors FCA is opening in the High Schools of Lee County. We are blessed with an amazing Area Director in Gretchen Shelton, great Coach’s passionate Youth Pastors and incredible Business Men who are willing to change lives!

“You can do all things through Christ who gives you strngth!”

Have a great week!!   -Kyle

  1. Rick Beckler says:

    Kyle you are doing an awesome job for FCA. God has positioned you in the right place so that you can use your talents to grow His kingdom. Thank you for all the compliments and most of all your friendship. I love you brother.

  2. Dude, you are making a big impact in the youth of SWFL!

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