FCA 3/16/10-3/26/10

Posted: March 26, 2010 by kylejackson10 in FCA LEE COUNTY

It was another amazing couple of weeks with FCA! Our annual FCA banquet at the Hyatt in Bonita Springs on 3/18 was a huge success! Tommy Bowden did an amazing job! There were over 45 students who showed up to volunteer for the event! We celebrated what God had done over the last year through the coach’s and athletes in SW Florida!

Earlier in the week we had an amazing meeting at Island Coast HS in Cape Coral. Kurt Thoreson, teacher and new asst. football coach gave me 1st class treatment by taking me around the school and introducing me to over 10 coach’s! We are looking to start a huddle there in April!

The week of 3/22 was amazing! Jon Pritikin, who has his own ministry called “feel the power” came and spoke all over SW Florida for FCA! Jeff Leatherman (1st Assembly Youth Pastor) was kind enough to let FCA use him in most of our schools! In Fort Myers Jon spoke at Cypress High School to their football team, coach’s and 2 administrators in the weight room at 7:30am! Jon does all kinds of amazing demonstrations using strength! (breaking bats, rolling up frying pans, bending metal bars in his mouth, blowing up hot water balloons, breaking blocks of ice…) The football team, coach’s and administrators loved him being there. Will Hutcherson (Youth Pastor at Next Level, Collide Ministry), Josh Homan (Children’s Pastor at Next Level) Ruben Loor (Middle School Next Level, Morph ministry), Dan Royal (FCA Board) & Jeff Leatherman (1st Assembly, Kaio Ministry) were all at Cypress to connect and support their players, coach’s and Administrators!!

Jon then spoke at Southwest Florida Christian Academy (SFCA) for their 1st FCA huddle group! Over 60 students came! Amazing # for their 1st meeting! Ben Fleming (Youth Pastor McGregor Baptist, Merge Ministry) put it all together! Jason Smith (Youth Pastor Safe Harbor) has jumped in as SFCA’s FCA Leader with Bill Catto, Athletic Director.

Monday morning I had a meeting with Larry Gritton, ECS Athletic Director about starting a FCA at the High School. Larry was all for it and we are looking to have our 1st meeting in April!

Monday night was the All FCA Backstage event hosted once a month at Studio G on Mcgregor’s Campus! Again Ben Fleming opens up their facility for all Lee County FCA’s to come together! There was dodgeball, basketball, pool, ping-pong, Pizza and great connection between Lee County athletes and coach’s! Jon opened up with some strength feats and Charlie Mitchell brought the message for over 100 students!

Ben just recently committed to being Ft Myers High School’s Team Chaplin for their football team!

Tuesday over at South Fort Myers High Will Hutcherson (NLC) teamed up with Coach Joe Hampton to teach leadership principles to his 4 leaders in FCA. Will is doing a 4 week session once a week at South on Leadership!

Wednesday 3/24 Rick Beckler and the Cypress High FCA through a Feeding FT Myers Party for all students after school! Rick had hotdogs, chips, drinks, games and giveaways for all students in attendence. Feeding Ft Myers is an event at Next Level where together all over town NLC is trying to raise over 15,000 cans for the soup kitchen in downtown Fort Myers! Kids from Cypress brought over 50 cans, enjoyed some games, food and give aways!

What an exciting 2 weeks for FCA! Our 1st FCA at SFCA. 2 new FCA’s starting in April at Island Coast and ECS! An amazing speaker in Jon Pritikin, and youth pastors from all over Ft Myers teaming up to serve the coach’s, connect with the athletes and Pray for Administrators at different Lee County Schools!

“You can do ALL things through Christ who gives you strength!” -Phillipians 4:13


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