Posted: April 15, 2010 by kylejackson10 in FCA LEE COUNTY

The last several weeks have been full of incredible stories from all around Lee County from students and coach’s about FCA. Cypress High School Huddle leader Rick Beckler is continuing to grow his FCA club. This past week there were 6  Cypress students from FCA that attended Collide (Next Level Church Youth Ministry) for the 1st time. Rick leads a small group on Wednesday nights at Collide. It was really cool to see him interact with the students outside the school. Will Hutcherson (Youth Pastor at Next Level) continues to pour into leaders at South Ft Myers HS. He is going into his 4th week of teaching leadership to some of the core student leaders at SFMHS.

This past week Devon McDonald, former Notre Dame team captain and Indianapolis Colts/Arizona Cardinal player came in town and teamed up with FCA to speak at over 12 events. Monday night Devon spoke at the All FCA event that takes place once a month at Studio G (McGregor Baptist Youth Center) to all Lee County FCA Huddles. There were several schools present (Ft Myers, S Ft Myers, Riverdale, SFCA, Naples, Cypress…) Coach Jimmy Roberts (Ft Myers HS) continues to lead a strong group of kids at Ft Myers High and continues to put events on like “Backstage” at Studio G where all schools can come together and team up to fulfil the vision on FCA!

Tuesday morning Devon spoke at Cypress High to their football team. 40+ players, 3 coach’s and 2 Vice-Principles filled the weight room to hear Devon present his story! Coach Thorton (Cypress Head football coach) has met with Jeff Leatherman (Youth Pastor at 1st Assembly) and Jeff is going to be Cypress football team’s “Character Coach.” After Devon spoke coach Thorton has created a Leadership Council of 8 players, 2 from each grade that he is allowing Jeff to meet with them once a week and go over basic leadership principles! The athletes loved it!

SFCA is on schedule to have their 2nd FCA meeting at the end of April. Jason Smith (Youth Pastor @ Safe Harbor) will be speaking and has agreed to be the huddle leader for the school.

ECS is on schedule to have their 1st FCA at the end of April. We are meeting with a group of students Friday 4/16 to discuss what FCA’s vision is and to train them on how to start their FCA!

Fort Myers HS is doing a phenomenal job with their FCA. They are having over 50 kids attending their FCA events! Dan Royal (Asst Basketball coach) has taken over the Camp ministry there and has several Ft Myers Athletes signed up for camps this summer!

Island Coast HS in Cape Coral is meeting with students leaders this week lock down a date for their 1st FCA. Kurt Thoreson (Asst Football Coach) & Halie Hurt (Cheerleading Coach) are going to be the FCA Huddle leaders for the school! last week at the school Kurt and I ran into the principle of the school, told him who I was and that I was with FCA, His response: “Man we have to get that started here! Kurt, you should be the sponsor!”

Wednesday I met with Josiah Ravish (1st Assembly Youth & College Praise and Worship Leader) and he wants to team up with FCA at North Ft Myers HS and be a team Chaplin. Josiah is an amazing guy! He has a heart for investing in students! I am really looking forward to seeing what he is going to do at North!

All that to say, God is moving in Lee County Schools! FCA is opening the door for powerful people, youth pastors in our town to be able to come into a public school and present the message of Jesus Christ to coach’s, students, athletes and administrators ! Thank you for believing in FCA and please continue to pray for this ministry!


  1. Jen Jackson says:

    I am so proud of you babe! The Lord is using you in such amazing ways, and I feel so blessed to watch it happen!

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