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2010 has been a year full of work, family, church, friends, trips, football, conflict, love & did I mention…Work!

Looking back over the course of the year there were 5 things that really stood out to me as I reflected on what a great year it has been.

1.) MINISTRY IS EVERYWHERE: Working in the construction world can sometimes beat down on you. There were times where I just wanted to say, “Screw It” and walk away. Then I discovered a principle that has changed everything I do daily at work. “Know what your passion is and find out how to merge it with your daily work.” My passion is people. Selling construction supplies does not have me jumping out of bed every morning (No offence boss) but the people I work with and the customers I serve have had a tough couple of years due to the economy in SW FL. Now I look for any opportunity to build someone up I work for or work with. There have been countless conversations with superintendents, project managers and co-workers that have been the highlight of my week! Serving others is such a fulfillment. Ministry is Everywhere! 

2.) Change of Pace + Change of Place= Change of Perspective: In June, I went to Peru and hiked the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. One of the most amazing experiences I have ever had. On the 2nd day of the hike (the hardest day of the 4) we were about 1/2 way to the top and one of the guys I was hiking with made this comment, “Don’t forget to look back to where we started!” I turned to look and I could see our base camp miles and miles away. In that moment I realized that sometimes we get so caught up in where we are headed that we forget to look at where we came from. It is OK to look back into the past. It shows you how far you have come. For me I realized how far I had come personally in the past 3 years. What a great moment in 2010!

3.) MARRIAGE REQUIRES DAILY WORK: Today is my 3rd anniversary with my beautiful wife, Jennifer Jackson. She is my best friend! That does not mean it is always easy, mostly because of me! One of the best things my wife and I have done since we have been married is taking a personality test and then getting as much information as possible about that personality. We also found how each others personality meshed with the others. We have learned how to handle conflict better and how tough conversations can be made a lot easier. There is a way to have healthy conflict! I would recommend anyone to read the book, “Make IT Amazing” by Scott Drummond. (www.makeitamazingbook.com) This book transformed the way Jen and I communicate daily! Our marriage is stronger than it has ever been!

4.) ACCOUNTABILITY IS ESSENTIAL: I meet with 3 of my best friends every Tuesday morning and we have a very intentional accountability group. The key word is “Intentional.” Our meetings are not a time to just sit and chat and joke around, we have other times we can do that. We meet and go through specific questions that we created after we sat down and “Backed the Truck Up,” or told each other everything about our pasts: Pains, Personal struggles, Ugly Moments, Temptations…etc. The Good, Bad and Ugly so to speak! This has allowed me to get things out of my heart (darkness) into the open (light) and wow does it take a load off your shoulders to know that others are dealing with the same junk! I am a better Husband, Son, Friend, Co-Worker, etc. because of this group. If you are interested in the questions we ask please email me at kjack210@gmail.com

5.) KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE CALL & THE SEND: We all feel “called” to do or be something in life. That is how God created us. The biggest thing I have learned on this in 2010 is, “Not all open doors are from God!” There have been some really tough decisions made over the past year concerning Mine and Jennifer’s future. There have been opportunities presented that some people have told me I was “crazy” for turning down. I know my calling is in the ministry and for lost people. I also know God has prepared a plan in advance for Jen and I. After prayer and some long conversations with my wife there was just not a peace in my heart about taking any of the opportunities presented. It was tough! I know what God has “Called” me to do, I am now patiently waiting for the “Send” moment where I have peace in my heart. The peace that passes all understanding!

And last but not least: IT IS GREAT TO BE AN AUBURN TIGER! #1 BABY!!!!!!!!!

2010 was an awesome year! I hope you take time to reflect on moments where God has taught you something that only he can!

Merry Christmas!


  1. smilingldsgirl says:

    How much training did you do for the Inca trail? I’ve been on a fitness quest this year and have thought about setting the trail as a long term goal. Just curious.

    • Hello! Actually I did not do any! It was challenging but not horrible. There were 2 men in my group that were heavy set and in thier 50’s. They struggled a little on day 2, but never any bad moments. I would say 2-3 months of cardio in a gym or outside would make you plenty enough prepared. The stair master would be a great way to train.
      It is an awesome trip…Make it happen!

  2. Roger says:

    Merry Christmas to you & your family. You are a awesome person!!! Thank you for all your help & I look forward to 2011. God bless you..

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