“Called” or “Anointed?”

Posted: February 9, 2011 by kylejackson10 in CHRISTIAN, Uncategorized, YOUNG ADULTS

Last night at Next Level Church Young Adults Group we talked through the difference of being “Called” & being “Anointed.”

CALLED——-> Gifts from God—–> Everyone has a Calling (Ephesians 4:1)

ANOINTED—-> Authority to function from God

We talked through Exodus 2:11-15 and how Moses rushed into his “Calling” from God and did not wait for God to “Anoint” him and send him out.

The 2 points we talked about through the story were:

1.) If you rush and do not wait on God’s timing your weaknesses will be found out.

2.) The time between the Calling and the Anointing is to work the arrogance out of us.

Gifting moves people…Anointing changes people!”

We talked about “Staying in the Process.” Embrace the Season you are in. Enjoy it!

There will be a 100 doors open during the waiting season, but NOT ALL OPEN DOORS ARE FROM GOD!

When the devil is telling you to quit the process the most, could be right before God Anoints you.”

We talked about working on ourselves during this Waiting Season. Earn God’s TRUST during the process. (LUKE 16:10)

What do we do?

1.) WRITE IT DOWN: (HABAKKUK 2:2) -Find something in your life that you know you need to work on and write it down.

-Get it out of the your heart (Darkness) and onto paper (Light).

God has to trust you with little before he can trust you with much.

2.) ASK ADVICE FROM PEOPLE WISER THAN YOU (PROVERBS 12:15) -It is hard to see what you are doing wrong in your life, it is much easier to see it in someone else’s life.

Set up a meeting with someone wiser than you that you trust and ask them questions on how to deal with what you wrote down.

3.) GET ALONE WITH GOD (1 PETER 5:7) -There is power in getting alone with God

-Present the problem in your life that you wrote down and ask God to help you start making the proper steps in the right direction.

We are all “Called” to something, ask God for the “Anointing” within your Calling. Life is to short not to do what you are gifted at!

Have a great week!



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