Jealousy and the Heart

Posted: March 21, 2012 by efficienista in Connection Groups, Leadership

How do we define success?

If we are only measuring our significance by numbers: audience size, number of people who attend our Connection Groups, twitter followers, comments responded to, how big is our budget, our definition of success is based on jealousy and pride. Success is about “you.” Success focused solely on you will always be a life suck.

If we redefine success by looking at quality of life improved, hearts encouraged, faith increased, prayers answered, relationships reconciled, spirits renewed, new leaders being raised up, our definition is “others” oriented. Success focused on others can be life giving and rock your world for the better.

• How do you think God would define success?
• Are you celebrating life change or just an increase in numbers?
• When others succeed, how does your heart respond?

Bonus Round:

• What are the top three qualities and actions of those who you would deem successful?
• If you had 5 minutes with them, what questions would you ask to learn and grow from them?
• How can you add value back to them?
• What would it take to make that conversation happen?

(This blog post is inspired by reading Mark Batterson’s book The Circle Maker and listening to Andy Stanley’s Leadership Podcast on Jealousy)

Guest post by Cara Donahue


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